What is The Hair Sponge? – How to use it.

Sponges are one of the most useful items that we own – they are indispensable in our kitchens and bathrooms, as well as with many projects we have going on around the house. When it comes to personal care, sponges are often used for the application and removal of make up – their softness and absorbency make them ideal.

Well, that’s great, but what about other areas that need a little TLC, such as our hair. Let me tell you – we have a sponge for that too. It’s called the hair sponge – so, what is the hair sponge?

Holey Sponge

The hair sponge looks and feels like your regular every day sponge except it has many holes on one side – some have ridges on the opposite side as well. They’re available in many shapes, including oval, round and rectangular; your personal preference will help you decide which is right for you.

I know control its important to you. This sponge fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand, giving you an excellent handle. Because it is a sponge it is very light, so taking it with you will be a breeze. You can carry it in your purse, backpack or even squeeze it into a pocket.

Take Your Pick

If your hair is very curly and short then the hair sponge will be perfect. The sponge with the larger holes are better suited for longer hair, even though It will work best on hair that’s less than seven inches long. It will not work as well on straight hair, but it will add some volume.

If you wish to create waves on short natural hair, then you will want to use the hair sponge with groove-shaped pyramids. If your hair is naturally curly, the result could be some nice free flowing locks.

On the whole, hair sponges with smaller holes are going to work best on short, curly hair; creating small tight evenly distributed coils/curls. Sponges with bigger holes are meant for longer hair (no longer than seven inches though). These sponges will produce bigger curls.

This is How We Do it

Now that I have answered: what is the hair sponge?, I will now show you how it is used. This ingenious product is relatively easy to use. First, make sure that your hair is lightly damped with either water, a little conditioner or gel. Then, in a circular motion, gently and firmly rub a section of your hair. Continue to move from section to section, while making sure you maintain the circular motion going in the same direction as you move throughout your head.


What’s going on is the holes, along with the circling movements, create the curls/coils/ twists. Doing it with the sponge will take a fraction of the time (5 to 10 minutes) than it does doing it by hand. This is great for many who run a busy schedule.

Sponges that have the pyramid-shape grooves will add texture and volume to your natural hair. If you prefer to have both the holes and grooves, a sponge with one on either side will be the right one for you.

Remember, even if your hair is thin/straight you can still benefit by using the hair sponge as long as your hair is no longer than 7 inches. You’ll be happy with the volume it will give your hair.

Back in The Day

Before this great idea came along people’s only option was to curl one another’s hair by hand. Just as with the hair sponge, you want the hair slightly damped. Follow that by parting the hair and grabbing a small section of it.

Pull that section of hair as long as it will go and twist it around your finger until it forms into a coil (Leaf). Continue to do the same thing with the rest of your hair, and soon you will have a head full of beautiful curls.

Fits Like A Glove

If you wish to have even more convenience, then you should try the sponge curl glove. These are covered in pyramid-like ridges, and are ready to twist your hair at a moments notice. They offer more control than the hair sponge, for the simple reason that you wear them, as opposed to holding them like the hair sponge.

Convenient And Swift

It’s a sure thing that convenience and speed are important to have in your busy day. The hair sponge offers both. It’s a revolutionary hair tool that will impress you with its great hair styling capability.

The hair sponge looks and feels like any other sponge, except that it has holes on one side and may have pyramid-shape ridges on the other – it’s up to you. The size of the holes will determine the size of the curls you get. The ridges will add volume and texture to your natural hair.

The shorter your hair is the more inclined you should be to using the sponge with the smaller holes – they will give you smaller, tighter curls. On the other hand, if your hair is longer (but no more than 7 inches) then you want to stick with the larger hole to get bigger coils.

The hair sponge is simple to use and very effective. Just hold it with your hand and gently, but firmly rub your hair in circular motions. Maintaining the same direction of the round motion, repeat the process until all your hair has been covered.

The holes and the circular movements of your hand work together to produce some fine curls. In much less time than it takes to curl your hair by hand, you’ll be ready to go on to your next adventure.

If you want even more convenience when adding texture and volume to your hair, then you will want to try the sponge curl glove. It’s a hair sponge that you wear like any other glove. It’s pyramid-shaped ridges will give you a great look in no time.

The hair sponge is for those people who like to add tight of loose curls to their hair in a fraction of the time. Look for those that are made with environmentally friendly material, and you’ll look good and feel even better.


If you are ready for some beautiful curls, coils or simply want to add some great volume to your straight hair in a fraction of the time, then scroll down and order a hair sponge or glove for you and/or some one you care about.


In addition to taking care of your hair, take care of your skin with some great natural bath sponges. They are the best thing to exfoliate your skin. The rich lather they create will gently cleanse and sooth your skin. You will be doing something great for you and our environment as they are 100% natural sea sponges. 



Have you used a hair sponge and/or a sponge glove? Do you use one on someone else’s hair? How do you like it? How do they? Do you  still do hair twisting by hand? Leave your comments below.



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  1. I must say that this is a very interesting topic Jose. I have never used it but do you think that it can be also used by men? I would like to buy one for my girl as she likes to use hair sponge, she says it clean her hair pretty well. Thanks a lot for sharing such a helpful topic.

    • Hi Daniel, absolutely it can be used by men. All you need to have is curly hair that’s shorter than 7 inches long. The curlier your hair the better it will work. 

      If your hair is straight then you can benefit from the volume that the hair sponge will give you. 

      Thanks for your comment

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on hair sponge.To tell you the truth I was surprised to see that this kind of hair cut style is the result of hair sponge.

    I was asking myself how to do it because I have short hair now and now I will order it to do it myself at home.Why didn’t you put the link to help us order it?

    • Hello Julienne, Yes twists/coils can be done with the hair sponge or by hand (which obviously take much longer) I’m sorry I don’t have a link to a manufacturer of the hair sponge at this time. You should have little trouble finding it online though.

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