Sea Sponge Painting – Unleashing Your Creativity.

Do you like to color outside the lines? Maybe you seek to chart your own path. Who knows, you might be an artist. If so, then know how a sea sponge can transform a wall from plain and one dimensional to a deep and textured work of art. It’s just one of the many uses we have for sea sponges. 

If you are thinking of changing the look of your home, re-painting your walls is an important part of that. To go even further, if you want walls that captivate and allure the imagination as well as the senses, then  sea sponge painting should be on your mind.

So, if you’re ready to try something new and exciting, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be happy to walk you through the various steps needed to give your walls new life using sea sponges. Natural Sea Sponges will be a great choice to spark your creativity.

One special requirement for this type of painting is of course a sea sponge. A synthetic sponge will not do the trick due to its inferior absorbency and relatively poor quality pores.

After choosing your natural sponge, it is time to coat your wall with your a base color of your choice. Once done, you’re ready to dip your damped sea sponge into a glaze mixed with your top color and begin sponging your wall.

Use a smaller piece of sea sponge to work on corners and difficult to reach sections. The result will be a phenomenal room with more depth than you could have imagined. But first, let me take you through the necessary steps to get your room there.

A Sponge For The Artist In You

    • great for knockdown texture
    • excellent for creating a faux finish
    • ideal for texture painting
    • durable – can be used multiple times
    • wonderful for acrylic painting

Once you get your hands on one of these Natural Sea Sponges you’ll be ready and eager to do some sea sponge painting.


Prep Your Wall

Before painting your actual wall, practice on a piece of drywall or cardboard. It’s smart to play around with some different colors and mixtures before committing to a specific combination. Once you have chosen the base color, go ahead and paint your wall as you would normally do. For the most part eggshell or flat paints will suffice.

On the other hand, if your wall will see a lot of traffic, or you wash them often, then a semi-gloss paint will be a better choice. If you see that more coverage is needed, then apply a second coat only after the first one has completely dried.

Choose Your Colors

Now that your base color is totally dry, it’s time to mix the top color you have chosen with a faux glaze. You will want to mix one part of the top color with four parts of the faux glaze. The higher the amount of glaze you use, the more transparent your top color will be.

Less glaze means a darker top color. This is a completely personal choice; it has to do with how your wall relates and accentuates other parts of your room, and more importantly – how it connects with you.

Let’s Have Some Sponging Fun

Are you ready for the fun stuff? First dampen your sea sponge with water and then dip it into the glaze mixture. Starting with the corners begin to lightly press the sponge on the wall.

Continue to apply the sponge in a random pattern one section of the wall at a time, making sure to complete one area before starting the next one. Maintain the edge of the painted section wet.

If you press too hard the result will be too much glaze on the surface. Always make sure to roll the sponge over the wall surface in order to achieve a random pattern. Once your sea sponge runs out of glaze dip it again and continue the process throughout the rest of your room.

Admire Your Work

You have done it! Now it’s time admire your craft. The plan is to have a uniform display of both your base color and glaze throughout the wall. Assure that the base paint shows thru in a consistent pattern across your room; make it so that the pattern of base paint and glaze correspond.

Now take a smaller piece of sponge to complete corner and hard to reach areas. Your room has now been transformed and in turn it will transform your mood. Whenever you walk in, you’ll sense more depth and as a result feel the intensity of your creativity.

The Masterpiece Is In You

Painting you wall with a sponge is for those of us that love to color outside the lines. It will bring your walls to life to which you’ll offer your attentive contemplation. In other words, it will make the visitors to the room stop and yes, contemplate.

This type of paint job can only be done with a natural sea sponge. Its superior absorbency and texture is a must. A synthetic sponge just isn’t absorbent enough, nor does it have the needed texture for this job.

Before getting to the exciting part of your project, coat your wall with your chosen base paint. Let it dry and apply a second coat if needed. Once the base paint has dried, dip your damped sea sponge in the glaze and begin to dab your wall. The result should have an even distribution of base paint and glaze with a similar pattern for both.

Your new wall will be an amazing thing to behold. It will bring depth, balance and character to your room. So go ahead and release your artistic nature and see where it will take you. Who knows, maybe you will not be able to stop with one room. Soon your home may become a masterpiece.



Are you an artists or aspiring to be? Have you ever sponge painted? If so, tell me about one of your favorite projects. Do you love the depth and texture of sponge painting? Why don’t you leave your comment below – I look forward to hearing from You.




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  1. Hello José! Thank for this great idea of trying something new and exciting. I love painting, but I’m not a painter. And I have never used sponges to paint. But after reading your article, I will definitely give it a try.

    Thank you for also mentioning the things needed as preparation before we start to paint. Preparing our wall and buying the correct sponges are important.

    I must thank two persons for this great idea. One is my friend that directed me to this page. And the other person is you for putting together this post. I’m grateful!

    • Hi there Henry! I’m very glad that you were inspired to try something new and exciting like sponge painting. Once you finish your first wall you’ll be amazed, and who knows where that will take you. 

      Thank you for your great comment, 


  2. Sea Sponge painting sounds like a lot of fun, I have no experience with this or any kind of painting and  I am really not a very creative person but I would absolutely love to try Sea sponge painting, I love your site because l learn something new each time. thank you for another wonderful article.

    • Hello Rose, Sea sponge painting will invite your inner child to come out and have fun. I hope you give a try – you’ll love the result and the road to get there. I love it that you love my site. Keep on coming back!

      Thank you for your great comment, 


  3. Thank you for sharing this great information about this sea sponges.

    Very interesting way to paint, my daughters is been telling me that she wants her room to be paint on a multicolor way and I think you just gave me the solution. I think she will love the idea to use this natural sea sponges.

    • Hello GV, I am excited to know that I have offered you a solution to paint your daughter’s room. I am sure she’ll love the finish product and even help you with it. 

      Thank you for your great comment,


  4. This is definitely something I’m looking to do for a rec room. Painting with a sea sponge offers an array of creativity one just can’t get with regular paint brushes or rollers, which after a while can and will just get boring. Something like a rec or family room would be captivating here to give a room a unique feel. Man, I wish I could go to my parents’ house and paint with their walls with one of these right now, because their rec room has a sports feel to it, namely Ohio State Buckeyes, so a mixture of scarlet and gray with this type of style would be something to aim at. 

    • Hello Tod, That’s a really cool idea. I can imagine a man cave with this touch of creativity and depth. You’re right, ordinary walls can become almost invisible due their lack of attention grabbing power. I mean, who stops and gazes at ordinary wall? Their only purpose is to separate room from each other. 

      Your parents will be thrilled. 

      Thank you for your great comment, 


  5. Every one of us is creative,  a child or an adult but our creativity most times comes out when we play, I liken Sea sponge painting to playing and creative painting. This kind of painting would be fun for friends and family,It could also be done as a competition of various groups where are the most beautiful painting becomes the winner at the end.

    • Hello Zucchi, I definitively agree with you. Play is the seat of creativity. Sea sponge painting is a form of play – I can’t imagine who will not have fun doing it. I like your ideas.

      Thank you for your comment, 


  6. Hi Jose

    I heard about sea sponge painting and really what to know more about this topic. I am so glad to have found your website. You have done an awesome job of showing me what this ‘craft’ is all about.

    I can already visualize myself doing this, this coming weekend. It actually sounds quite relaxing and peaceful. Thanks for the tip on synthetic vs the natural sea sponge.

    I will send you a photo of my masterpiece once its complete.LOL



    • Hello Roopesh, I’m very glad that I have provided you with the information you were looking for. It can be a mindful experience to paint with a sea sponge. That’s because you’re not only covering up a wall, you’re creating a masterpiece. I’ll be very delighted if you’ll send me a picture of your creative work.

      Thank you for your response, 


  7. Hi Jose’,I really enjoyed your article here on sponge painting! 

    I liked it because it was :

    very well researched

    great easy to read layout

    gives me some ideas on how to decorate my own home

    heaps of information in the video you have provided

    It is also very helpful in that you describe step by step in how to go about sponge painting a surface.

    Good work here Jose’

    • Hello Billy, I appreciate your through feedback. I am glad you’re thinking about doing some sponge painting yourself. I’m sure you’ll love it. 

      Thanks for your response, 


  8. I love sponge painting. I once was remodeling some rentals for a business man in town and decided to do a sponge painting on an accent wall. I used a deep sky blue for the base paint and used the sponge and white paint to make clouds. It came out so good the owner had me paint in other rentals as they came vacant. It can be a lot of fun to create a landscape mural with sponges to get depth and a 3D look.

    • Hi Paul, that’s so cool. I can picture that and I’m sure I would love it. Thanks for your response!


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