Natural Sea Sponge Bath For Your Baby

You care so much for her – your world revolves around him. Your baby is naturally the most sensitive member of your family. She is completely dependent on you for nutrition, warmth, shelter and love. Each time you caress your bundle of joy you are instantly rewarded with the feel of baby’s cute cuddles, angelic smile, and heavenly smooth skin.

It’s such a soothing experience to run your nose on the little ones face – there’s nothing as gentle as baby’s skin. Parents naturally are thoughtful about what goes on the skin of our beloved infants. There is not a time that this is more true than during bath time.

What we allow coming into contact has the potential to adversely affect their skin. Natural products are the best choice we can make. It’s not just the soaps and shampoos, but the tool we use to apply the soaps is also as important.

Due to the many chemicals used during their manufacturing, synthetic sponges can irritate your babies skin. This is why a natural sea sponge bath for your baby is exactly what their skin needs and deserves. Once you have your natural sponge it’s time to gather the necessary materials, and a room that’s just the right temperature. Place a thick towel on a flat surface – this is where you’ll place baby.

Start with her face, avoid washing the eyes themselves. Clean around them only if you notice any mucous. Continue to the chest, arms, legs, tummy and down to the legs.

Changing to a new, clean sponge clean the baby’s genitals. Continue to read and allow me to explain in more detail how to give your precious one a natural sea sponge bath.

Choose The Right Sponge

When it comes to baby bath time, it’s all about baby’s delicate skin and how we can nourish and protect it. This is why a natural sea sponge bath is ideal. You are vigilant when comes making sure only the best comes into contact with your baby. Synthetic sponges are made of petroleum and other chemicals that can irritate your little ones skin. A natural sea sponge bath for your baby will ensure that only the best will come into contact with her skin.

A natural sea sponge is exquisitely soft and makes a rich lather that will delight your bundle of joy. The “Baby buddy” is an “ultra soft premium sea wool sponge” that will tenderly bathe your precious baby.

  • Incredibly soft                                                                                           
  • highly absorbent
  • produces a rich thick lather
  • hypoallergenic
  • chemical and toxin free
  • no mildew means no odor
  • long lasting

Get Ready

When you are ready to give your beautiful baby a bath make sure that you have everything you need beforehand. The following list will help you be prepared.

  • Wash your hands
  • hooded towel
  • large towel
  • mild baby cleanser
  • non-scented wipes
  • diaper
  • damp natural sea sponge
  • new set of clothes

It’s very important to be relaxed when giving baby a bath. If you are experiencing any form of stress, wait until your mood has significantly improved.

After washing your hands make sure the room is comfortably warm ( 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 23-24 degrees Celsius). You also want the water you’ll be using to wet your sponge to be luke warm.

Start From The Top

Now the time has come for some spongy fun and bonding time with your baby. By now, you have found a room with a flat surface, such as a bed or changing table. Put a towel around baby and another on the surface where she will be laying down on. Don’t hesitate to talk to your baby, as it will promote further bonding. Let your little one wear a diaper in order to prevent any accidents while you’re doing your best to keep her or him clean.

Take a small sea wool sponge (about the size of a cotton ball) and dip it in luke warm water and squeeze the water out. Gently start wiping at the corner of the eye and work your way away from there. Only clean around the eye if you see any mucous around that area.

Now you’re ready to clean the rest of her face. Take another natural sea sponge and soak it in Luke warm water before ringing it well.

Proceed by wiping your baby’s face and make sure you get behind the ears. You want to get to the creases under the chin and in the neck. Now wipe from the waist to the feet; make sure you get the knee area, which accumulates plenty of dirt.

Finish At The Bottom

You may now switch to a different sponge for hygienic reasons. Soak your sponge in luke warm water and begin wiping your babies arms, chest and legs. Now gently put your hands behind your little one’s head and gently turn her over to clean his back.

In order to clean the baby’s genitals a different I recommend you switch to another clean sponge. After dipping it in luke warm water and completely ringing it begin wiping the genitals from front to back whether you’re bathing a boy of a girl. Be careful with baby’s genitals as they may be sensitive, as with circumcision in boys. Apply diaper cream if needed and put on clean diaper. Remember to always clean baby’s genitals last and do so with a separate clean sponge.

Baby’s Skin Needs Tender Love & Care

Your baby is the most precious and sensitive little person to you. You always strive to keep her safe and happy. Making sure that only the best products come into contact with your baby is a top priority for you. Since what goes on our children is as important as what goes in them.

That said, choosing a natural sea sponge for our baby’s bath is a very good start in ensuring that their skin stays healthy. Natural sea sponges are free of any chemicals that could cause irritation as from an allergic reaction. Synthetic sponges are made from petroleum based plastics that contain substances that are believed be harmful to human health. Some chemicals in plastics have been suspected to interfere with a child’s brain development. (The Doctor Will See You Now).

The first thing to do when planning a sponge bath for your baby is to choose the right sponge. A natural sea sponge is great for your little one since it has no harmful chemicals whatsoever. Unlike synthetic sponges, natural sponges naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria, which means no mildew and no smell. This is great, but you should continue to sanitize your natural sponge on a regular basis.

We all know that lather is one of the most pleasurable parts of taking a bath. Well, a sea sponge provides a rich tick lather unmatched by any synthetic sponge. This is not only fun and sensuous, but it will also save you money in the long run. That’s because it makes a lot soap with a little.

Now that you have found your natural sea sponge, you want to find a warm room (about 75 degrees Fahrenheit) with a flat surface to cover with a thick towel. Make sure you have all the essentials that your baby will need.

After you have placed a thick towel on the flat surface it’s time to start wiping your little one. Start with the face, continue with the arms, chest, tummy, legs and finish the baby’s genitals.

Giving your bundle a joy a sponge bath is a time for you and your baby to bond. The joy you feel at introducing your little trooper to such a pleasurable experience, will be amazing. You’ll also know that you are doing so with the best of all sponges – a natural sea sponge.

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Let me know how special is baby bath time for you and your baby. What do you use to apply soap or shampoo to baby’s skin? If you use natural sea sponge, tell me how much baby loves it. Do you use natural sea sponge yourself? Please leave your comment below.



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  1. babies are beautiful sights to behold and just have you have said in your post, describing them as thus; baby is naturally the most sensitive member of your family. He or she is completely dependent on you for nutrition, warmth, shelter and love. Of course, one should make sure all their needs are convenient with their nature, and choosing the best Sponge for them comes in. thanks for providing us with relevant product and their features.

    good day

    • Hello there Salim, babies are indeed the most vulnerable members of our families. They need and deserve our complete devotion. Bathing them with sea sponges is a step in that direction. We know that sea sponges are 100 percent natural and feel sooo good. 

      Thanks for your comment,


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