Loofah Sponge Uses – For Your Home.

Have you ever heard of a Loofah Sponge? Well, you won’t find this sponge anywhere in the oceans, or in freshwater bodies of water for that matter. It also can’t be mass-produced the way synthetic sponges are. In fact, the loofah sponge can be grown in your own garden – it’s a plant!

Once you have either harvested it or purchased it, there are a number of loofah sponge uses you can try. Similar to sea sponges – though a bit sturdier – loofah sponges can be used around the house, and around your body.


Your loofah sponge has made it home and you’re wondering about the different loofah sponge uses you can try. Well, why not start with you. That’s right, take your new natural plant sponge with you to the shower.

Loofah sponges are naturally firm and will soften when wet – warm water will soften it further. This makes them excellent for exfoliating. You will love the feel of this sponge while it scrubs and conditions your skin. Remember to scrub firmly, but gently in a circular motion. This will be gentler and more effective at exfoliating your skin.

Be gentler with the more sensitive parts of your body, such as the underarms. Make sure the sponge is free of soap, if you wish to scrub any dry skin. You can also use the loofah on the heels and soles of your feet – use caution when standing in a slippery shower or tub. It’s safer to bend your legs and scrub one foot at a time when performing this task.

Benefits of Using a Loofah

There are obvious gains by using a loofah sponge. Even before turning on the shower, scraping your body with this natural sponge will have some great health benefits. It gently and effectively exfoliates your skin, as it removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin clean and well toned.

In addition to helping your skin, the loofah sponge acts a great purifier; helping to keep toxins and impurities from the blood. The benefits are skin deep – indeed.

Take Care of Sponge

The loofah sponge comes from the loofah plant. As such it’s all natural, like the sea or fresh water sponge. Being derived from plant matter, and with no natural anti-bacterial properties, this sponge will be susceptible to bacterial growth.

You’ll want to completely rinse it and hang it out to dry in a well ventilated room. Leaving it in the bathroom will not be a good idea. The reason being the high amount of moisture. Besides a food supply (the scraped off dead skin cells in the loofah) the moisture in the air (water) and the rather warm temperature in the bathroom are what bacteria need to thrive. The point is to make sure your loofah is as dry as possible, as quick as possible – use a fan if possible. This will prevent bacteria from growing in its many crevices.

You have the option of boiling your loofah for several minutes once a week, microwave it for 30 seconds, or even put it the hot wash cycle with your towels.

After a period of about three weeks, your loofah sponge will begin to break down from all the important steps you have taken to keep it bacteria free. It’s very important that you maintain your loofah bacteria free; this is especially important if you have received any minor cuts from shaving.

The bacteria can find their way through these small openings on your skin and cause irritation and even pneumonia by contracting Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Well and Good). I can’t over stress how important it is to keep your loofah sponge bacteria free.

Loofah In The Kitchen

When it comes to keeping your dishes sparkling clean, a loofah sponge is second to none. Any stuck on food is little match for the tough loofah fibers. Its tough and gentle texture make it ideal for this everyday task. All you need to do is cut one inch thick round slice and you are ready to tackle your kitchen.

It’s ideal for scrubbing pots and pans; it’s tough enough to clean stuck on food and grease, while gentle enough to leave a beautiful shine without a single scratch.

This particular natural sponge takes less time to dry than your traditional kitchen sponges. That means less opportunity for bacteria to make themselves at home. If you want to act fast, then microwave your loofah for two minutes while it’s still wet – this will kill any germs that have begun to grow. This is something you wouldn’t want to do with a synthetic scrub.

This loofah is a tough sponge as it can be used to scrub your sink, cabinet doors, even the kitchen floor. One thing you won’t have to worry about is getting anything scratched. If you own a Teflon pan, this is especially important – this sponge will effectively scrub the pan without leaving a scratch. This is especially important, as it is known that PFOA (a chemical used to produce Teflon) is a “possible carcinogen (American Cancer Society).

A Little Support

If you have ever tried to root a young plant then you know how important the support is. A loofah sponge makes an excellent support for a plant you are rooting. After a week or two your plant will have its roots, and will be ready to be transferred to the soil.

If you find yourself looking for a stem holder for your flowers, look no further than your loofah. They make an all excellent holder that will help maintain a natural feel to your flower decor.

Another Amazing Sponge

The loofah sponge grows in a very different place than sea or freshwater sponges. They are really a very ripened and dried fruit from the loofah plant. That place can be your nearby garden. If you prefer you can purchase it at the store or online.

This special sponge is second to none when it comes to exfoliating your skin. It’s very important to sanitize your loofah after every use – especially a shower or bath. Being a plant sponge, they very susceptible to bacterial growth.

The kitchen is one of the best places to see what a loofah can do. It has the toughness to tackle tough jobs and the gentleness to leave surfaces the same way it found them

Loofahs can be used to support a plant that needs rooting. They are also a natural and aesthetically pleasing part of any home.It can hold its place as a very useful and earth-friendly sponge. And will be an asset that will enhance your space.




Let me know if you have used a loofah. How do you use it? What are some tough jobs you use it for? Do you buy it or grow it yourself? Leave your comment below.




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  1. Loofah sponge sounds like an awesome product to buy. I just normally buy any sponge I find in the nearby super market. But buying the loofah sponge will make more sense because of the good benefits it has, I love how it exfoliates your skin that is something I have bee looking to buy for me for a long time. I’m definitely going to try this one out. Thank you for sharing this article with me.

    • Hello Sujandar, I’m very glad that I have helped you in your quest for a sponge that’s excellent for exfoliating your skin. Loofah sponges are great for this purpose. The reason being that they have the tough plant-based fibers and are also gentle due to their natural quality. 

      Thank you for your comment – cheers


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