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Hello! It’s very good to have you visit. I happen to be a single father who is constantly cleaning, and washing dishes. As many of you can relate, finding the right cleaning tool can be a challenge at times – especially when it comes to sponges. Whenever I purchase a sponge, it doesn’t take very long before it is as if the shredder has been doing my dishes.

As a matter of fact, I have always enjoyed washing dishes. There’s something about the feel of taking something that’s “dirty” and turning it into a lovely set of clean items. First it shows that someone cares, then it reveals that someone cares to do a decent job.

Having a good sponge can be the difference between efficiently cleaning your frying pan or having to go back and try again. Time is precious, and I like to know that my sponge is as ready as I am to tackle the tough jobs. So, I decided to go on a fact finding mission to find out what makes a good sponge.



Cleaning is an inescapable part of our everyday lives; what we have control over is the efficiency that we incorporate into the process. I like to help you find the best product to help you do one of the most important jobs you do. Sponges are central to our everyday cleaning.

They are used to wipe spills, clean dishes, and so forth. I mainly used them to wash dishes, as I still do them by hand. But, regardless wether you still stand in front of your sink for fifteen to twenty minutes to turn a pile of stuck on food dishes into  a pile of sparkling porcelain, or let the dishwasher take care of it, you are in need of a good sponge.

Cleaning is the unsung hero’s daily saves. Only you can really appreciate the effort that goes into keeping your home from easily turning into a heap of a mess. Your loved ones won’t really appreciate what you until, for some reason, It stops being done.



What you have found here is a summary of basically makes  a good sponge. I like to share with you what goes into the making of sponges and particularly what is used to make quality, and  is it worth your money.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jose Cruz




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